Australian Pono Ukulele Distributor

Quality Ukes is Australia's exclusive Pono ukulele distributor. We will be offering promotions for 2021, including free shipping to retail stores. Contact us if you would like you would like to know more about Pono ukuleles or are interested in becoming a Pono ukulele dealer. 

Why Quality Ukes?


  • 8 years experience working as a ukulele specialist in Australian musical instrument stores.

  • Industry-leading product knowledge, customer service and quality control.

  • Ongoing marketing support and resources available (photos, demonstrational videos, ukulele reviews and factory tours).

  • We are an environmentally conscious ukulele company, employing corporate social responsibility through investing funds to plant 5 trees in Indonesia for every ukulele sold.

Why Pono?

The ukulele market has matured in the last decade with more players seeking high quality all solid-wood ukuleles from Hawaiian ukulele companies (and their subsidiaries). Pono is the best-known Hawaiian ukulele company subsidiary, due to their large range, affordability, and unparalleled craftsmanship.  One of the strongest selling points for Pono ukuleles is that they are so well known and loved by the global ukulele community. A simple search online, on a forum or on YouTube demonstrates their popularity. Consequently, ukulele players already have very strong product awareness of them, and as a result, Pono ukuleles sell themselves and do not need excessive marketing. I have first-hand experienced consumers strong product awareness of Pono and the strong demand for them. As there is such a large demand for Pono ukuleles in Australia and few equivalent ukulele brands, Pono ukuleles are worth considering adding to your range.

Pono ukulele company's history

  • "Our family history of making and restoring stringed instruments began 40 years ago. In addition to making instruments, we specialized in the repair and restoration of acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, violins, and almost every other imaginable stringed instrument. Then about twenty-five years ago we decided to focus more on manufacturing, especially the ‘ukulele. ‘Ukuleles have been popular in Hawaii for over 100 years, however, now the whole world has fallen in love with this little instrument. But now the demand is for better quality. Our goal from the beginning was to produce the most professional quality stringed instrument possible, regardless of the time and cost required. And so …… Ko‘olau Guitars and ‘Ukuleles were born." - John Kitakis

Pono ukulele company's ethics:

  • "Our goal from the beginning was to produce the most professional quality stringed instrument possible, regardless of the time and cost required." - John Kitakis

  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship by professional luthiers. Pono's head luthiers have over 50 years of experience making musical instruments and were some of the first to participate in Namm in the 1950s. Furthermore, all of Pono's luthiers are trained by John Kitakis and Noa Bonk (of the world-renowned Hawaiian ukulele company, Ko'olau). 

  • All of Pono's staff are well-paid, receive medical insurance and 6 weeks of annual leave

  • Pono is an environmentally conscious ukulele company, only using ethically sourced timber & avoiding the use of plastics and synthetic materials.

  • Pono has an extremely thorough QC process, which John Kitakis and Noa Bonk regularly oversee.

Pono ukulele specifications

  • Made in Java, Indonesia

  • Solid woods only

  • Beautiful Macassar Ebony fretboard, bridge, faceplate, and tailpiece

  • Grover machine heads

  • Quartersawn timber

  • Truss rods (Tenors and Baritones)

  • Custom made bone nuts and saddles

  • Pono Passive Pick-ups have a piezo crystal for each string, great sound output and tone.

  • Ko’olau Ukulele Strings include their Alohi range (bright), Mahana range (warm), and gold range (somewhere in-between)​