After 10 years of playing the ukulele and 7 years working as a ukulele specialist in Adelaide and Canberra music stores, I founded Quality Ukes. During my time working in the musical instrument retail industry I developed a keen eye for a quality ukulele, through seeing a lot of good ukes... and a lot of bad ukes! Consequently, I developed extensive knowledge of common defects as a result of poor craftsmanship and quality control, such as: fret buzz, high frets, roller-coaster fretboards, convex necks, poor intonation, lifting bridges, expanding or cracked timber, rattles and warped soundboards.  It can be so difficult to choose a ukulele, as in recent years there has been a steep decline in quality among many ukulele brands (due to their increased popularity and demand).

That is why at Quality Ukes we source only the best ukuleles, giving you the guarantee of providing you with not only a problem free uke, but an excellent, quality ukulele. Initially, I will be focusing on Ko'olau's Pono range, due to their excellent build and sound quality. I guarantee they're the best ukes you can find in the sub $1000 price range!

Hamish Morelli

Founder of Quality Ukes

Online store with local customer service and support

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