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8-String Ukuleles

8 string ukuleles are a unique beast! Double the strings mean double the tone! They sound amazing, and that's the reason so many people fall in love with them. An important consideration when buying an 8 string ukulele is their playability and construction. Having double the strings means they have double the string tension. A poorly set-up 8 string ukulele with a high action can be dreadful to play, thus it is a huge advantage that Pono's 8 string ukuleles have a truss rod; a rod that runs through the neck that can be tightened or loosened with a hex key to customise the action to each player's preference. I cannot stress enough the importance of this for an 8 string ukulele! Sadly, very few 8 strings have a solid enough construction to deal with the higher string tension of an 8 string ukulele. The truss rod increases the integrity of the instrument, and alongside sturdy bracing and excellent craftsmanship, Pono's 8 string ukuleles will last you a lifetime. So if you've been struggling with warping soundboards, lifting bridges or bowed necks, the Pono 8 strings might be worth a try.

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