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Australian Made Ukuleles

Doug Pudney South Australian Luthier

Doug Pudney (at Hindmarsh valley ukuleles) is a local artist, musical instrument craftsman, and luthier with 45 years of experience making instruments. Doug started making classical guitars in 1974 as a hobbyist and has since ventured into making custom ukuleles. Each of his ukuleles has beautiful artistry and a magnificent sound due to his unique carbon fiber radial bracing system. The lightweight nature and strength of carbon fiber bracing systems inhibit the soundboard from resonating. As a result, his ukuleles are astonishingly loud.


Note: these ukes are imbued with Doug's passion and artistry. Each ukulele is unique and eye-catching. These ukuleles would suit anyone looking for a ukulele that isn't just a ukulele, but both a piece of art (from a local luthier using the highest grade of timbers) and a quality ukulele, with unparalleled character and tone. Prices are reflective of the woods used in their construction and the time taken to build.

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