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Adelaide Ukulele Lessons

Hi! My name is Hamish. I own and operate Quality Ukes (this online ukulele store), and have been a ukulele teacher for 5 years.  I specialise in helping children and adults learn ukulele fundamentals: technique, tab/music reading and the art of learning the ukulele! I'm your guy if you're looking for a few lessons to get yourself started, OR to learn the techniques required to help you dive into the deeper end of the ukulele!

My experience

  • Ukulele player for 15 years 

  • Ukulele specialist for 10 years

  • Ukulele teacher for 5 years

  • Fully qualified teacher (MTeach) 

  • Child safe trained (RHAN) 

  • Working with children check (WWCC) 

  • Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association (AUTLA) Member

Adelaide Ukulele Teacher:

  • 30 minutes - $40

  • 45 minutes - $50

  • 60 minutes - $60














Adelaide Ukulele Teacher
Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders
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