I spend a lot of time and effort conversing with my customers from inquiry, to purchase, set-up and delivery. Consequently, I get some really great reviews! Thanks to all of my valued customers for an awesome 2020 and for leaving these reviews for future customers to see. To leave a review click the above links to Quality Uke's facebook and google page.



Quality Ukes


David (May 2020)


I purchased a fantastic Pono Baritone Ukulele from Quality Ukes, it was an online purchase and I had lots of questions, Hamish was extremely helpful throughout the process, sending me photos and sound clips etc. I couldn’t be happier with the product, price and the excellent service

Toby (June 2020)

Can't recommend Quality Ukes enough. I was after a particular baritone sound - not too warm and not too bright. Hamish helped me choose the right model (Acacia) and I couldn't be happier. It's a beautifully made instrument and it makes me sound like a much better player than I actually am! Customer service was first class. I wish there were more retailers like this. Keep up the good work, Hamish.

Faye (June 2020)

Hamish was great to deal with, really helpful and gave personal attention to my needs. He made sure I was happy with my purchase and that it arrived safely and on time. I highly recommend his service.

Brian (July 2020)

I recently purchased a Pono Acacia Deluxe Tenor from Hamish. His customer service was exemplary. Hamish ensured that the instrument was exactly what I wanted, was fitted with the strings that complimented the tone I am after. The deluxe model is so pleasing and top class to the eye. Hamish strung it to low GCEA, which gives it a mellow tone. Delivery from Adelaide to Melbourne was prompt and packaged well for the transit. Hamish has made a courtesy call since and I reassured him of my delight with the Tenor. Thank you Hamish, I’m more than happy to recommend Quality Ukes.

Tina (July 2020)

Just purchased the Pono All Solid Mango Pineapple Concert and it is fantastic. It has a low action and it is easy to move along the fretboard and makes playing barre chords easier. The sound is even better in real life than Hamish’s video on the Quality Ukes website. It has great sustain and great volume for a concert size ukulele. Great customer service - Hamish was prompt in his communication with me and he sent out the ukulele promptly. I would definitely buy from Quality Ukes again because of the great customer service and you get value for money for a quality instrument without forking out thousands of dollars. Thanks, Hamish.

Nina (July 2020)

Truly passionate about ukuleles, great communication, great set up, very well packed uke, fast shipping, outstanding customer service. You can't go wrong dealing with Hamish. Thank you so much!

David (July 2020)

After much searching and some wrong turns, I opted for Pono for my new 8 string. Hamish has been terrific and the Pono is a wonderful improvement on anything I've played before. It helps a lot that he plays uke himself... and knows what a high-quality retail service should look like. And he can keep prices down. You'd be crazy to go past Pono and really crazy not to buy via Hamish.

Jeremy (August 2020)

Online searching for Pono 8 string tenor led me to Hamish at Quality Ukes in Adelaide. He sent me a fresh video of the Acacia MT8. Friendly and fast service even allowing for pickup installation and delivery to Sydney. Excellent setup too. Great Experience!!

Jeffrey (September 2020)

After much searching and some wrong turns, I opted for Pono for my new 8 string. Hamish has been terrific and the Pono is a wonderful improvement on anything I've played before. It helps a lot that he plays uke himself... and knows what a high-quality retail service should look like. And he can keep prices down. You'd be crazy to go past Pono and really crazy not to buy via Hamish.

John (September 2020)

Just received my new Pono Acacia Tenor today. Very happy with it. Excellent product advice from Hamish and speedy delivery.

Peter (September 2020)

Awesome uke, awesome service, awesome man to deal with. I will gladly recommend Quality Ukes Australia - Pete

Ian (September 2020)


My new family member ( a Pono ATD) with full appreciation to Hamish at Quality Ukes Australia. Great price, absolutely amazing service. Nothing was too much trouble even having the factory fit a left-handed nut before shipping it out. All with minimal turn-around time. I unreservedly recommend this business.

Jonathan (September 2020)

Hamish is a great guy to work with on a uke purchase. He is knowledgeable and helpful and he sells at a very fair price. I bought a Pono TE from him and it arrived quickly, nicely packed and well set up. I would not hesitate to buy another ukulele from him and I really do recommend his excellent and friendly customer service.

Rob (October 2020)

Fantastic service and product. Hamish took the time to run through the tenors he had in stock and let me try each of them.  I ended up buying a Pono Acacia Tenor Deluxe on the spot.  Looks beautiful and sounds even better - crystal clear notes and a lovely tone. The setup performed by Hamish (levelled and polished frets plus a really nice low action) is on the money too and makes the uke easy to play. Very happy!

Lindsay (November 2020)

As I'm in another state I wasn't able to visit in person, but Hamish was endlessly helpful and patient with all my questions and concerns. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him!

Geoff (November 2020)

I have just received my Pono Mahogany Baritone ukulele. A beautiful instrument with superb, rich sound at a very reasonable price - better than I could obtain elsewhere. The owner provided a quality professional service that went well beyond what could be expected in order for me to have the ukulele. Hamish is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him. He will definitely be my first port of call if I need any further things ukulele.

Lucy (November 2020)

So impressed with the service and quality of care provided by Hamish from quality ukes Australia.
My daughter is just starting out and he came to our house and helped her change the strings and learn a few of her first ever chords. She has not stopped playing since he left. Thank you so much 😊, Lucy and family.

LLoyd (December 2020)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the great Pono Acacia Concert Ukulele that I ordered just before Christmas and unbelievably arrived on Christmas Eve - that's fantastic service and effort to get it to Tasmania in that time. Great work. However, what was brilliant was how easy it all was. I wanted to upgrade my Lanikai concert and found out about the Pono ukuleles, had a look around and found Quality Ukes. Checked the videos, checked out Pono's and found it with you at a very good price. A call, a message left, a text letting me know I should expect a call, the call telling me about Pono, the Acacia Concert, as well as what you offered with customer service. The ukulele was well packed but I suggest a hard/protective case for interstate buyers just for peace of mind. And the ukulele was serious quality, solid, well-made, with a pleasant heft and a truly lovely sound. To be honest, it's currently better than me but I'll be working hard to get up to scratch, that's for sure. You sell great instruments at a great price, the service is exceptional and you won't regret buying from Quality Ukes. Finally, I feel confident if there are any issues that you would sort them out whilst keeping in contact. A great experience and 5/5 stars.

Bob (January 2021)

Hamish was only too willing to meet up with me at a mutually convenient location and bring along a couple of Ukuleles. His knowledge of the instrument and ability to play and demonstrate its qualities were great.
I took along my other Uku's to play side by side and immediately noticed the very sweet tones of the Mango Concert Pineapple and the Deluxe. I had been looking for a Concert Pineapple for the fuller, warmer tones and the all Solid Pono is a great choice and a step up from a laminated instrument. Highly recommend to at the very least give Hamish a call and discuss your requirements and with his knowledge, you will be steered in the right direction. Oh, yes, I walked away with the Deluxe, absolutely love the very high gloss finish!

John (January 2021)

Hamish at Quality Ukes is a very helpful person. I purchased a Pono ATD uke from him and am very happy with his service. The Pono is a very well made and a great sounding ukulele. Highly recommend Hamish, and Pono, 10 stars!