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Ukulele Pickup Installations

At Quality Ukes we stock and install high quality pickups such as the LR Baggs Five-O and Pono Passive.  From our experience, these are the best active and passive pickup respectively. There are many other great pickup brands out there (Misi, Fishman, K&K) and so on. If you would like another brand such as these, just get in touch and we can order one and install it prior to dispatch. 

LR Baggs Five-O

LR Baggs Five-O (active)

An active pick-up usually has four parts, a jack, piezo wire, volume control nob, and a battery. The battery supplies more power to the system, enabling greater sound output. The LR Baggs Five-O is famous for its natural tone. It is a great option, but due to the amount of R&D LR Baggs have invested into it, it is quite expensive, priced at $299 AUD.

Pono Passive Pickup

Pono Passive (passive)

Pono's Passive Pickup is undeniably the best passive ukulele pickup on the market. It has great sound output and has a beautiful natural tone, similar to the LR Baggs Five-O, but with slightly less sound output. Pono is able to achieve this due to their patented design which has four piezo crystals, one under each string. This is a great and affordable option at $120 AUD.

LR Baggs Five-O Installation


We only use professional quality STEWMAC tools for the job. We use a 3mm drill bit for the piezo wire hole, a 3mm file to clean up the hole, a 6mm brad point for the initial end jack hole, an endpin jack reamer to finish the job, ammeters to check connections, a soldering iron to connect the piezo to the jack, and finally, a 1/2" spanner to tighten the jack, with the help of a jack installation tool. After installation we use a special saddle sander that sands the saddle completely square to ensure a balanced output is achieved across all four strings. Pickup installation is priced affordably at $99 AUD.

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