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Quality Ukes - Australia's Specialist Ukulele Store

Australian Ukulele Specialist

Throughout my 10 years of playing the ukulele and 7 years working as a ukulele specialist in Australian music stores, I developed a passion for ukulele craftsmanship and artistry, through seeing a lot of good ukes... and a lot of bad ukes! Sadly many ukuleles on the market aren't the best quality (simply due to the high demand!). I founded Quality Ukes with the ambition to become Australia's leading specialist ukulele store: a niche ukulele store that prioritises quality craftsmanship above all else. Quality Ukes is a proud Pono ukulele wholesaler and Hawaiian ukulele specialist store. We only stock the best of the bunch. Check out our FAQ pages and blog posts for more information!

Hamish Morelli

Proprietor of Quality Ukes

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