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Ukulele Adelaide

Quality Ukes is one of Australia's few specialist ukulele stores. We pride ourselves on having the most professional and genuine customer service in the musical instrument retail industry. We send sound samples, photos, organise video calls to showcase our ukuleles, and keep in touch every step of the way.


Quality Ukes is operated by Hamish Morelli, a ukulele specialist with almost a decade of experience working in the musical instrument retail industry.

Hamish started Quality Ukes in 2021 with the hope of providing quality ukuleles at affordable price points, with exceptional customer service, to people in rural and regional areas of Australia. After having sold over 100 Pono ukuleles to people all over Australia, with multiple return customers (some even 4 time return customers!), and having received so much positive feedback, through reviews, emails, and by phone, we are working hard to expand our operations.


In 2023, we placed our second order from Pono's factory in Indonesia, and have recently received our shipment which includes Pono's new Oihana and Master series, TE chambered body electric series, Pono Pro Bass ukulele, and the UL-6 "true parlour" guitar.


We truly believe in what we do, the quality ukuleles we sell, and hope to play a part in re-imagining the ukulele market, where quality craftsmanship, perfect intonation and beautiful tone would become the norm.

With the hope of spreading the joy of Pono Ukuleles Australia wide, Quality Ukuleles will be offering drop shipping for 2023 & 2024 for all musical instrument retail stores across Australia that list Pono Ukuleles on their website. Get in touch if you are interested.


Although we do not have a shop front (as we are an online ukulele store), for local customers based in Adelaide we are happy to come out to you with our large range of ukuleles! Just reach out to us via phone call, email or text and we can set up a time for you to have a strum of a few ukes.

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