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Doug Pudney (at Hindmarsh Valley ukuleles), is a local artist, musical instrument craftsman and luthier with 45 years experience making instruments. Doug started making classical guitars in 1974 as a hobbyist and has since ventured into making custom ukuleles. His ukes have beautiful artistry and a magnificent sound due to his radial carbon fiber bracing system. The lightweight nature, but yet strength of this carbon fiber bracing system means that the top is very uninhibited, resulting in brilliant resonance.


Note: these ukes are imbued with Doug's passion and artistry, taking over 70 hours to make! Each uke is unique and eye catching. This uke would serve someone well who wants a ukulele that isn't just a ukulele, but both a piece of art-work from a local luthier using the highest grade of timbers, has unparalleled character and a beauitful tone, perfect intonation and a beautiful feel. Price is reflective of the most premium woods used in its construction, the time it was taken to hand-craft and its beauty as both a high quality instrument and a piece of art.




Master grade (4A grade) Tasmanian blackwood top, back and sides

Tasmanian oak (eucalyptus regnans) binding

Bamboo rosette

Hand shaped Queensland maple neck

East Indian rosewood CNC’d fretboard

Nickle frets

Bone nut and saddle

Macassar ebony bridge with abalone inlay

Abalone finger position markers on fretboard binding

Macassar ebony and Tasmanian king william pine inlay (on back)

Carbon fiber radial bracing (radiating from bridge)

Carbon fiber bridge doctor (to prevent bridge bellying)

Australian Made Blackwood Tenor Ukulele

$3,500.00 Regular Price
$2,800.00Sale Price
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