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Pono's tenor ukuleles are well known for their awesome playability and customisable action. Very few ukuleles have a truss rod; a rod that runs through the neck that can be tightened or loosened with a hex key to customise action to each player's preference. All the more important on an 8 string ukulele! Sadly, very few 8 strings have a solid enough construction to deal with the string tension. So if you've been struggling with finding an 8 string uke that doesn't get either a warped sound board, lifting bridges or overly bowed neck, the Pono MT-8 might be for you.

Pono are made in Indonesia under strict supervision by Hawaiia's premier ukulele builder, Ko'olau:- All solid mahogany body.


- All solid mahogany body

- Ebony fretboard, headstock and bridge

- Bone nut and saddle

- High quality grover machine heads


Free set-up & shipping Australia wide

Pono MT-8 Solid Mahogany 8 String Tenor Ukulele

SKU: Pono MT-8
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